Local Rangers fans back their team

ISLAND Rangers fans are determined to support their team through the difficult times.

John MacInnes, Manager of the Lewis and Harris Rangers Supporters Club said local fans were planning to travel to the mainland for the Inverness Caledonian Thistle game on Febuary 26 and the Hearts game on March 3.

“A bus is going over for the Inverness game with 60 fans and 80 are going down for the Hearts game with hospitality,” he said.

He added that others were going down this weekend for the first game at Ibrox since the Club went into administration.

“There have been financial difficulties hanging over us for three or four years and we couldn’t move forward. There will always be Rangers, we have to back the team, it’s not the team or the manager’s fault.”

Lewis businessman Innes Macleod is another life-long Rangers fan. He has very close friends in the Club and has been a Corporate Sponsor for many years.

He is also remaining optimistic.

He said: “The events are obviously the culmination of a series of decisions which have been taken over the last few years probably on the best of advice. The fervour of the HMRC actions might concern many, however my information would suggest that the reason for this is that following defeat in a previous case there was a repositioning and an intention not to make similar mistakes, there seems to be many more similar cases to be investigated following the outcome of the Rangers’ one. This might explain the statements which have been made that any loss would result in appeal after appeal.”

He added: “There will be much conjecture of the next days and weeks however I am of the opinion that Rangers will come through this as there is a huge desire still within the supporters and given that a path can be made through the legal processes and that Rangers supporters then stick together, we may see a much stronger reborn Rangers emerge and recapture its position as one of the institutions of British sport.”