Local warning over scammers

Targeting victims with bogus lottery winnings, get rich quick and advance fee schemes, clairvoyants, investment, home working and pyramid selling schemes.

Sometimes scammers will send catalogues selling cheaper goods for expensive prices however they will claim that a purchase will entitle you to a monetary prize.

Scammers know how to “dazzle” minds, where the victim will become enthused and direct their attention on the prize not on the fact that they are sending money or sending bank account details to someone they don’t know.

One local example which has been circulating in the Western Isles is where consumers have been targeted by overseas inheritance or banking scam letters.

The sender claims to work with a bank or a government agency abroad, and states that they are aware of a deceased client or an individual with the same surname as the recipient.

The letter will claim that there is a dormant account with a substantial balance that can be accessed by you as you have the same surname as the account holder.

You are asked to keep the matter confidential. The sender will then ask you to contact them usually by phone or e mail and from there you will be asked to initially send small amounts of money for processing fees etc. to transfer the funds.

There will always be problems with accessing the money and the victim will be asked for further payments.

The amounts requested will become increasingly larger until the victim eventually realises they have been scammed, often having lost out on thousands of pounds.

Top Tips

If you haven’t bought a ticket – you can’t win

You shouldn’t have to pay anything to get a prize!

Don’t be rushed. Resist pressure to make a decision right away.

If you think you or a family member is receiving scam mail, you can report it to CNES Trading Standards at 01851 822694 or to the Royal Mail. email scam.mail@royalmail.com or report your concerns by calling 03456 113 413.

If you have received items of mail you believe to be from fraudsters please send them , with a covering letter to: FREEPOST SCAM MAIL

Not Sure? - Check with a trusted friend, relative or neighbour.

Report Scams to CNES Trading Standards on 01851 822694.