Loch Carnan Community Windfarm operating t full capacity

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has completed the installation and commissioning of all their equipment for the Loch Carnan Community Windfarm and the turbines are now operating at their full capacity.

The turbines, which had been generating power with a 3MW restriction since March, are now able to produce their full 6.9MW of output.

Angus MacMillan, Chairman of Stòras Uibhist said: “These turbines will generate over £20m of revenue directly for this community over the next twenty years, which will be invested in crofting, economic and social projects for the benefit of the whole community. In combination with the £10m Lochboisdale project, the restoration of Askernish Golf Course, the coastal defence projects, drainage work, development of the fishing, expanded operations at Grogarry Lodge and the numerous other small but important projects carried out by Stòras Uibhist over the past six years, the windfarm will transform these islands. This is just the beginning of what the community can achieve when ambition and aspiration is allowed to flourish.”