Loganair backtrack on refund policy

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Loganair have backtracked on their refusal of a refund to passengers who accepted alternative transport during last week’s flight disruption.

The airline last week insisted to the Gazette that any passengers who accepted the offer of ferry and bus tickets would not be reimbursed for the cost of any cancelled flights, while those who rejected the offer could request a refund.

But now Loganair Chief Operation Officer Phil Preston has confirmed the decision to backtrack on their policy and all passengers will be entitled to a refund or at least a percentage of it.

Mr Preston said: “The incident at Stornoway Airport on Friday, January 2nd, created an exceptional and challenging set of circumstances.

“As has been previously stated, we were fortunate that there is a second runway at Stornoway, which allowed operations to continue while the main runway was closed.However, there were payload restrictions which impacted on the number of passengers who could be transported from the shorter runway.

“This meant a significant number of passengers booked to depart from Stornoway during that weekend were re-routed using alternative transportation.

“Those who elected not to travel are being reimbursed accordingly.

“We have also taken the decision, in light of these exceptional circumstances, to offer those passengers who chose to be re-routed a refund on the difference between the cost of their flight and that of the alternative coach and ferry travel arrangements.”

Full flight services have returned to Stornoway Airport following the incident on January 2nd in which a Saab 340 aircraft operated by Loganair veered off the runway.

220 passengers were affected by outbound restrictions, which forced many to take alternative transport off the island.

The Air Accident Investigation Bureau have launched a probe into the incident.