Loganair in four hour delay

A Loganair plane
A Loganair plane

Passengers were stranded for almost four hours this afternoon following the cancellation of a Loganair flight from Stornoway to Glasgow. The delay comes just two days after the airline’s boss met with Western Isles councillors to talk about on-going problems.

The flight from Stornoway to Glasgow was meant to leave at 12.30pm but the airport confirmed it did not take off till 4.19pm.

But whilst the passengers of this flight camped down in a frustrating wait, they watched as passengers for the 3.30pm flight arrived, checked in, and flew off.

Councillor Ray Mackenzie was aware of the delay and commented:

“The situation really has to be addressed. This comes just after the consultation and it’s clear they have difficulties.”

Stornoway Airport confirmed the four hour delay and said the subsequent plane could not be used to take the frustrated passengers because it had been allocated for those due to board at 3.30pm.

Twitter lit up during the delay, which comes amid on-going tensions between the airline and Western Isles representatives.

One Twitter user said: “Loganair need to pull up their windsocks. Daily delay info from Stornoway Airport, but many cancellations unexplained.”

A spokesman for Loganair said: “It was a technical fault and the plane departed 3 hours and 45 minutes after scheduled time. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Loganair bosses faced Comhairle councillors on Wednesday to answer on questions of delays and cancellations. The airline says it realised the importance of the issue and was making efforts to combat problems.