Loganair strikes deal to supply newspapers to Benbecula

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Loganair will once again transport daily newspapers to Benbecula, following the airline’s introduction a new schedule from Glasgow – the first time since 2013.

The airline is working with the Scottish Newspaper Society distribution committee led by News Scotland to reintroduce the deliveries.

Weekday services leaving Glasgow will depart at 07.15 carrying the island’s supply of newspapers, landing one hour later before being distributed to newsagent and shops throughout the Uists.

Residents will be able to conveniently purchase newspapers by mid-morning, acting as a boost to the islands’ economy, instead of waiting for the ferry arrival in the afternoon or early evening.

Distribution from Benbecula Airport will be coordinated by Menzies Distribution.

In February Loganair announced significant investment in services from Benbecula, with a new timetable designed to improve links to Glasgow.

The new timetable, which started on March 27, has morning and afternoon schedules aimed at benefiting the island community in both a personal and business sense.

Maurice Boyle, Loganair’s Director of Operations said: “By making enhancements to Benbecula’s Summer Schedule we’ve been able to reintroduce newspaper deliveries for the Uists.

“Working in partnership with News Scotland, this new arrangement will mean newspapers are available much earlier – something we know will be welcomed by retailers.

“Last year we implemented a similar approach in Lewis which has really benefited the local community.

“As an airline we are continually looking for ways to support the communities we serve and are always listening to feedback from stakeholders in how we can enhance our operation.

Scott McCulloch, Business Development Manager at News Scotland said: “We’re extremely pleased to once again be able to be able to fly newspapers to the Benbecula, ensuring deliveries reach the island’s retailers by mid-morning.

“Through this partnership with Loganair, we have worked together to create a sustainable distribution channel which will benefit Benbecula’s economy as well as helping its residents to purchase their morning paper earlier.”

Loganair will commence newspaper deliveries on April 16.