Loganair travel advice

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The team at Loganair - Scotland’s Airline - understands that journeys around Christmas assume an especial importance to every single one of its customers.

The airline is closely monitoring weather conditions over the coming days and adjusting operations to take account of the latest forecasts.

Wherever possible, it recommends adjusting travel plans and details on how to achieve this can be found below:

Wednesday 21 December

A normal schedule will operate with the following exceptions:

An extra Glasgow-Barra service BE6849 will operate at 08:00 to accommodate customers from cancelled flights on Tuesday 20 December

A larger aircraft will operate flights BE6808 and BE6809 between Glasgow and Benbecula; and BE6828 and BE6829 between Glasgow and Stornoway to provide extra seat capacity.

Thursday 22 December

Loganair is expecting to operate a normal schedule with larger aircraft now planned on its Glasgow-Stornoway, Glasgow-Benbecula and Aberdeen-Kirkwall flights to assist customers in re-arranging travel plans in light of adverse forecast weather on Friday 23 December.

There are no changes to flight schedules, but the airline recommends passengers check www.loganair.co.uk for the latest status of flights before setting off to the airport.

It is also operating an extra Kirkwall-Aberdeen flight at 20:00 on Thursday 22 December.

Friday 23 December

Due to severe weather conditions forecast, particularly in the afternoon and evening, the airline is making some significant changes to its flight schedules to avoid extensive disruption for customers.

If a flight is not listed below, please still check www.loganair.co.uk for the latest status of before setting off to the airport.

Changes have been made as follows:


Will now depart Glasgow 11:40 (3 hours earlier)



Will now depart Benbecula 13:10 (3 hours earlier)



Will now depart Glasgow 11:55 (2 hours earlier)



Will now depart Stornoway 13:30 (2 hours earlier)



Will now depart Glasgow 14:10 (3h35 earlier)



Will now depart Stornoway 15:45 (3h35 earlier)


Will now depart Edinburgh 14:10, arriving 15:20 (2h45 earlier)



Will now depart Stornoway 15:50, arriving 17:00 (2h45 earlier)



Flight cancelled. Customers will be rebooked to travel on BE6955 departing Inverness at 14:00



Flight cancelled. Customers will be rebooked to travel on BE6956 departing Stornoway at 17:00


Saturday 24 December

Loganair is expecting to run its published schedule on Saturday 24 December.

Weather conditions are currently indicating that this should be feasible. However, it is essential to check the status of flights before leaving for the airport and making reasonable contingency plans wherever possible to do so in case your flight is unable to operate.

Changing bookings

If passengers hold a reservation on a Flybe flight operated by Loganair on 23 or 24 December within Scotland, its possible to transfer bookings to any Loganair flight on the same route departing any time from today.

The change will be free of charge - Loganair will waive any change fee payable and won’t charge the usual difference in fare between your original flight and the earlier flight on which you’d like to travel.

If there is a seat available on an earlier flight, passengers can transfer bookings from 23 or 24 December to that available flight without any charge on a first-come, first-served basis. To change a Flybe flight with Loganair on 23 or 24 December for which passengers hold a reservation to travel on the same route on an earlier flight, check seat availability on potential alternative services at www.flybe.com and call 0344 800 2855 with a booking reference so Loganair can confirm bookings on the preferred alternative flight.

For passengers with codeshare bookings with British Airways, it’s possible to amend the entire itinerary from 23 or 24 December to an earlier Loganair and BA flight.

As connecting itineraries are booked with British Airways, please call 0344 493 0787 (Option 1).

Loganair’s first priority is to complete its passenger journeys safely, and as close to scheduled travel time as conditions will possibly allow.