Looking for Lewis relatives

NORWAY’S main television channel NRK is on the look out for Leodhasachs as they search for long-lost relatives for popular Norwegian television show ‘Tore på sporet’ (Tore on track).

Presented by one of the country’s most experienced and famous presenters Mr Tore Stromoy, the show traces individual’s families and ancestors.

And most recently the show’s production team have been contacted by a Norwegian man who is searching his ancestors and relatives on the Scottish Hebrides.

NRK`S Cathrine Astad expanded: “This man serves within the salvation army and still he has not been able to find his unknown relatives, though he has been searching for years.

“Our search has so far brought us to Falkirk and Skerray and then Isle of Lewis and Laxdale, and we have reason to believe that he might have cousins or other relatives at Isle of Lewis.

“We believe one of those might be called Steven Alexander Mckay, whose latest registered address was in Laxdale.”

Cathrine added: “This is a warm, nice story from the world war, and if solved, our team will visit the Isle of Lewis.

“Our programs are high rated in Norway and the team has been all over the world, but never to this Island. It would be nice to come, but most of all it would be very nice if ‘our man’ has relatives who would like to meet him.”

If you think you are able to shed some light on the Norwegian’s Lewis relatives, please contact Eilidh Whiteford at the Stornoway Gazette (eilidh.whiteford@stornowaygazette.co.uk) or Cathrine Astad on catherine.astad@nrk.no