Luke creates a new chapter of his story in Stornoway

Luke is looking forward to his first trip to the Islands, he revealed: 'I've heard it is really beautiful.'
Luke is looking forward to his first trip to the Islands, he revealed: 'I've heard it is really beautiful.'

Being creative, doing what you love, travelling the world and meeting new people - sounds like a dream job for any young person.

And 22 year old singer songwriter Luke Jackson is already an ‘old hand’.

Luke will be performing in Stornoway on August 6th at the town’s An Lanntair venue.

He is a young Roots Singer/Songwriter from Canterbury, Kent, who in 2013 was nominated in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for both the Horizon Award for Best Emerging Talent and The Young Folk Category.

With a bold, distinctive voice and a sweet, percussive guitar style, he is a confident and captivating live performer and has had a sold apprenticeship in the business.

He described: “I first started playing guitar and singing at 11 years old and I’ve been doing tours for three or four years now.

“I’ve done two albums - one was a mini-album with seven songs I did as a trio - and I’ve just now finished recording a third one which will be out in the autumn.”

Over the past few years he has steadily been developing a reputation for himself in the Folk and Roots circuits at solo shows or festival appearances.

He has also completed several tours of Scotland and in Europe over the last two years, including Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany and at the Edinburgh Festival.

Talking about what inspires him in the creation of his music he explains: “I take inspiration from loads of different things, it could be something I’ve heard, or something personal, it depends what kind of day it is.

“Even just playing around with a melody then trying to think of a story or a character that fits with it - I like to paint a picture with my songs.”

He added: “I never feel a song is finished until I perform it in front of an audience, you may think a song is not quite good enough, but then you take it out there and get a good reaction. The performing is like the finishing process to the writing.

Luke has been recently getting his songs out to audiences across Europe and Scotland, talking about his recent tour and life on the road he said: “I’ve just come back from Germany and it is amazing to see other parts of the world and meet other musicians.

“I do all the driving, so sometimes you think you might like a day off! But it all still feels so fresh and I am really grateful for the fact that people come out to see me.”

Catch Luke at the An Lanntair arts centre on August 6th at 8pm, for ticket information go to: