MacNeil hits out at inaction on fuel prices

Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus Brendan MacNeil, has challenged the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Scotland to do more than talk about rural fuel relief and act now to protect the economies of rural areas.

Speaking after Scotland questions today (Wednesday), Mr MacNeil hit out: “The utterance by David Mundell MP today is clear of how badly this Government has treated the issue of rural fuel and rural economies.

“To tell me and, the rest of Scotland, that we should ‘be lucky to have a Government considering rural fuel relief’ borders on insulting. This gets worse as I have received information recently that to the North of the Hebrides, in the Faroe Islands, the price of diesel is 94p a litre, which is 50 pence a litre cheaper than in the Western Isles, with petrol at 1.10p a litre. The difference is that the tiny Faroe Islands control their own fuel taxes, but Scotland which has a population of 5 million does not have a Parliament that is allowed to set the fuel duty rates.”

The Isles MP said that what was required was immediate “real action on fuel”.

“The SNP have credible plans on how to deal with fuel duty we’ve stood by them,” commented Mr MacNeil. “Now it is time to see if the Liberal Democrats and the Tories can do the same. Basically, Mr Mundell, Mr Moore and, Mr Alexander, put your money where your mouth is.”