Magellan visitors welcomed by Cruise Ambassadors

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The majestic ‘Magellan’ crusie liner stopped by the Western Isles this week.

This vessel which can carry up to 1,250 passengers moored off Arnish point.

At 46,052 tonnes, the Magellan (which was built in 1985 for Carnival Cruise Lines and revamped in 2010) is larger than little sisters ‘Marco Polo’ for 800 passengers, ‘Astor’ taking 600 and ‘Azores’ with just 550, but is still a very intimate vessel compared to the mega resort ships being launched these days.

Like the rest of the fleet, Magellan is an adults-only ship. So with no space wasted on children’s clubs, climbing walls or paddling pools there is plenty of deck space with open air bars, a well-stocked library with inviting sofas, a card room and lounges with panoramic windows for scenic cruising. By night there are sophisticated bars, the casino and a magnificent, tiered show lounge to enjoy.

This year, 46 Liners are scheduled to call into Stornoway with more than 15,000 Cruise Liner passengers expected to disembark at the Port.

These passengers are met and welcomed locally by the ‘Cruise Ambassadors’ a pool of about a dozen volunteers willing to give of their time (without recompense) to promote the Port and local businesses, as well as the wider Island community.

Interim Chief Executive of Stornoway Port Authority John Maclennan, said of the Ambassadors: “I have observed these volunteer people in action and what a tremendous difference they make for the experience of each visitor.

“Ever ready to answer questions, give directions and help in any way they can – I find myself asking the question “How on earth did we ever manage without them?

“They are well name Cruise Ambassadors for they are truly ambassadors for these Islands and make a first class job of representing all that is good in these Islands not least that of a warm, hospitable Island welcome.”

Pictured is a shot of the Magellan at Arnish point sent in by reader, Morris Macleod.