Major exercise on west coast

A large bi-annual military exercise is set to take place across various UK locations next week, involving the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.

Exercise Joint Warrior will run from Saturday April 11th until Friday April 24th and will feature 55 warships and submarines, 70 aircraft and around 13,000 personnel from 18 participating countries. There will be significant naval and aerial activity off the west and east coast of Scotland, including amphibious landings on the west coast.

The major exercise has been months in the planning with the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS) engaging with local communities and key stakeholders around the country.

During the planning, environmental impact assessments have been produced where required to ensure that environmental mitigation procedures are in place.

An essential part of the exercise will be training in temporary radar and communication jamming. GPS jamming will be limited to a confined area in the north west of Scotland and the relevant authorities, including aviation and maritime communities, have been consulted and procedures are in place for any unforeseen activity that might arise.