Make a difference day

North Lewis Volunteer Centre are taking part in the global event ‘Make a difference day’.

The centre are addressing the problem of isolation for those who incapacitated in some way or elderly and unable to go out without assistance.

There maybe someone in the village living alone and you’ve been meaning to call in and see how they are doing.

You may be aware of a neighbour who is infirm and you know they would love to get out of the house for a while, but can’t manage on their own.

There are times when you make a mental note to call someone you haven’t seen for a while, but you haven’t done it so far.

This is your chance to get around to it.

Make a commitment to contact that person and invite them to a special afternoon tea in Ness Hall on Saturday November 3rd from 2.30 p.m.

Give them a chance to meet old friends or make new ones, see a range of demonstrations and listen to local musicians.

Someone near you would love to hear from you.

Get around to it before November 3rd and bring them to the Ness Hall.