Making case for fair fuel

ON the day that GB Oils boss Sam Chambers is due in Stornoway to attend a public meeting in regards to the price of fuel in the islands MSP Alasdair Allan has called for Scottish Fuels (a subsidiary of GB Oils) to explain their “unfathomable” pricing structure for the Western Isles.

Dr Allan commented: “I continue to get more e-mails about the price of fuel in the islands than on almost any other subject, and with good reason. Following on from the meeting last year between GB Oils and island representatives, which I attended, people in the islands are still waiting for a satisfactory explanation as to why their fuel is still so much more expensive than on the mainland.

“Unfortunately I can’t be at tonight’s meeting as I have to be in parliament in Edinburgh. I will, however, be meeting Conoco Philips, who supply fuel to Scottish Fuels, next week and will be making the argument that between them they have to provide a readily understandable explanation for their pricing policy.  

“The relentless rise in fuel costs in the Western Isles is unacceptable and damaging to our local economy and the UK Government remains one of the largest beneficiaries of this unfair situation given the high proportion of the cost of fuel which goes straight to the UK Treasury in tax. I continue to campaign on this issue and should any constituents wish to raise any individual points with me they are welcome to get in touch.”