Making the case for leaving the EU

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‘Grassroots Out’ is the national, cross-party, grassroots campaign to leave the European Union.

Their ‘Go Campaign’ GO was started by politicians from a range of political backgrounds including Kate Hoey of Labour, Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove, Liam Fox of the Conservatives, Nigel Farage of UKIP and Sammy Wilson of the DUP.

The GO movement in Scotland is equally diverse with volunteers from all walks of life representing all political viewpoints.

The referendum will take place on Thursday 23rd June and Grassroots Out will be campaigning hard to get their message out to the public.

They will be making the case to leave the EU at a public meeting at Stornoway Town Hall on Friday, April 22nd from 7.15apm all are welcome to attend.

Speakers on the night include Jim Sillars Former Deputy Leader of the SNP, who says: “Leaving the EU delivers what member status cannot – real independence on key policies

controlled only by ourselves, over: home affairs, justice, agriculture, fisheries... It’s called sovereignty, nationalists used to support it.”

He will be joined by Nigel Griffiths Former Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, who says: ““ The EU is failing to reconnect with millions of voters who want to keep the

£19bn we give the EU every year and spend it here on our priorities, like Scottish steel, fishing and manufacturing.”