Marine animal sightings

Wildlife watchers are being urged to report marine animal sightings in the north west following confirmation that Orca have been spotted off Lewis where NATO’s Joint Warrior operations are being undertaken in the Minch and off the west coast.

Large scale sea and air activity will be taking place until the 24th April involving noise and possible sonar disturbance that can pose threats to Orca, dolphin and other wildlife so it is crucial that all sightings are reported to groups such as Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust in an effort to ensure all parties are kept notified and up to date of any pods or animals that may be in areas at high risk.

Any suspected stranding should be reported to SPCA and British Divers Marine Life Rescue who have recently conducted training exercises on the west coast for such scenarios though have emphasised they hope that good communications and awareness can avoid any conflict between the visiting forces and local wildlife.

For further information or to submit sighting or reports log on to: website