Medal presentation to Brue man

The Ushakov medal was recently awarded to Allan Duncan Mackinnon of Brue.

Mr Mackinnon was invited to Edinburgh by the Consul General of the Russian Federation for a private presentation which took place on the 4th of December. He was accompanied by members of his family.

Mr Mackinnon was born in 1920 and joined the R.N.R, in 1938, serving in the navy for the duration of the war. He saw service on the Atlantic convoys, the invasion of North Africa, at the invasion of Europe as well as on the Arctic convoys.

The Ushakov medal was also recently awarded to Donald Mackinnon of Cluer, Harris, which featured in the Gazette a few weeks ago. Donald and Allan were shipmates on H.M.S. Lapwing which took part in a number of Arctic convoys.

Allan D Mackinnon (Jnr) said of the day: “The Consul General and his staff were very generous with their time and extremely hospitable.”