Men on a Mission rise to the challenge

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Friday 24th April saw the ‘Men on a Mission’ challenge take place, raising funds for the Hebridean Men’s Cancer Support Group.

Donald Smith cycled a grueling 75 miles from Mealista in Uig to Hushinis in Harris in 4 hours and 46 minutes, giving an average speed of 15.6mph.

For anyone who knows this route, it really is a fantastic achievement.

Whilst Donald was cycling, Colin Macleod swam the 8.46 miles from Hushinis to Mealista.

Colin, Captain of The St.Kilda Swim Team, had never swam this sort of distance before but managed to complete it in a very respectable 3 hours and 56 minutes. Donald and Colin managed to raise a whopping £2736.96, seemingly the most that has ever been raised for the Group via a fund raising event.

Donald would like to thank his son Darren for his support during the cycle. Colin would like to thank his wife Donna, as well as Murray, Lynne, Kenny and Charlie from Seatrek for their support on the swim.