Message in a bottle

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In 2008 five year old Godfrey Munden threw a letter in a bottle into the sea at his home in Newfoundland. He was surprised to get a reply all the way from Scotland!

Godfrey’s letter was answered by James Mattison of Uig after he found it washed up on Mealista beach over 3,371km away from its starting point. Now seven years later Godfrey and his family are making the trip to Lewis to visit the beach where Godfrey’s bottle ended up. Unfortunately James Mattison has passed away since the letter exchange.

But Godfrey is still looking forward to his trip to Lewis

“I am very excited to visit Lewis I want to see the area that my bottle washed ashore.”

Godfrey’s message in a bottle was an activity assigned to his daycare group and Godfrey proved to be extraordinarily lucky in getting a reply

“I was at a daycare, it was one of the activities that the teachers did each year, there had never been a reply for any bottle before and they had been doing this for ten years” Godfrey explained.

Godfrey and his family had never even heard of the Isle Of Lewis before they received James’ letter and after a quick google search were shocked to see just how far the bottle had travelled.

Godfrey’s mother, Lori Munden decided this year to set up a visit to the Island so that Godfrey could see where his bottle ended its journey and take in the beautiful scenery and attractions of Lewis. Godfrey can’t wait to get to the Island

“I want to see the standing stones and the countryside”

After some research, Lori found out that James Mattison had sadly passed away in 2012 but they still hope to meet up with James Mattison’s family who they got in touch with over Facebook.