Mòd Ionadail Leòdhas 2013 - Results and Video

Lewis proved it really does have talent last week at Mòd Ionadail Leòdhas.

This week’s Stornoway Gazette (June 13th) presents a two page picture feature of winners – with another to follow next week.

Silver Pendant winners Koren Pickering and Alex John Morrison. SGD25247

Silver Pendant winners Koren Pickering and Alex John Morrison. SGD25247

And our video shows a snippet of Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit’s Playlet Open Primary winning sketch.

The full Lewis Mod 2013 results are:

Recitation Age 5-6 Native Speakers - 1.Daniel Macleod, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Saorsa Nicleòid, Bun Sgoil na Pàirc; 3.Robbie MacCoinnich, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit, Alasdair Chlad, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail

Recitation Age 7-8 Native Speakers - 1.Kitty Maciver, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Kenneth Maciver, Sgoil na Loch; 3.Johanna Macaulay, Sgoil an Rubha, Alison Graham, Sgoil a’ Bhac

Conversation Open Primary – 1.Uisdean Reid, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit; 2.Sine NicDhòmhnaill, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit, Calum Maclennan, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Hannah Macleod, Sgoil a’ Bhac

Recitation Age 5-6 Learners - 1.Jenni Macleod, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail; 2.Bethany Macritchie, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Christian Morrison, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail

Recitation Age 7-8 Learners - 1.Talia Graham, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Beth Bruce, Sgoil an Taobh Siar; 3.Charlie Morrison, Sgoil an Taobh Siar

Recitation Age 9-10 Learners - 1.Freya Maclean, Sgoil an Rubha; 2.Eilidh Ferguson, Bun Sgoil Thunga; 3.Alasdair I Smith, Bun Sgoil Bhearnaraigh

Playlet Open Primary - 1.Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit; 2.Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh A; 3.Bun Sgoil Lacasdail B

Playlet Open Secondary - 1.Sgoil MhicNeacail

Sgeulachd Open Primary - 1.John Alasdair Bain, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Calum Maclennan, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Faye Smith, Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh

Sgeulachd Open Secondary - 1.Catriona Bain, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2.Annie NicIllinnein, Sgoil Shiaboist

Group Recitation Open Primary - 1.Sgoil an Taobh Siar; 2.Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh; 3.Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

Playlet – Open Secondary - 1.Sgoil MhicNeacail

Precenting of a Psalm Primary - 1.Hannah Macleod, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Gemma Macritchie, Sgoil Lionail; 3.Annabel Matheson, Sgoil an Taobh Siar, Joanna Maclean, Sgoil an Taobh Siar

Precenting of a Psalm Secondary - 1.Katy Graham, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2.Philip Coghill, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Isabelle Bain, Sgoil MhicNeacail, Mairi Maclennan, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Girls and Boys Traditional Solo Singing Under 13 - 1.Eilidh Macdonald, Sgoil an Taobh Siar; 2.Alice Macmillan, Sgoil an Rubha; 3. Hannah Macleod, Sgoil a’ Bhac

Girls and Boys Traditional Solo Singing Age 13-18 - 1. Mairi Maclennan, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2.Katy Graham, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Lauren NicMhathain, Sgoil Shiaboist

Folk Groups Secondary School S1-S3 Own Choice - 1. Sgoil Lionail; 2.Sgoil Shiaboist; 3.Sgoil MhicNeacail A

Folk Groups Secondary School S4-S6 Own Choice - 1. Faram 2; 2.Faram 3; 3.Faram 1

Recitation Age 9-10 Fluent - 1.Alice Macmillan, Sgoil an Rubha; 2.Sandy Morrison, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Zara NicIlleathain, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

Recitation Age 11-12 Fluent – 1.Sine NicDhòmhnaill, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit; 2.Sarah Mackinnon, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail; 3.John Murray, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail, Kaitlyn NicFhillinnein, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

Sgeulachd Open Primary - 1.John Alasdair Bain, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2. Calum Maclennan, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Faye Smith, Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh

Recitation Age 11-12 Learners - 1.Shana Macphail, Bun Sgoil Thunga; 2.Cara NicDhòmhnaill, Sgoil Shiaboist; 3.Sian Ferguson, Bun Sgoil Thunga

Girls and Boys Solo Singing Aged 5-8 Fluent - 1.Kitty Maciver, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Rebekah Marshall, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 3.Tyler Gillies, Sgoil a’ Bhac

Girls and Boys Solo Singing Aged 5-8 Learners - 1.Christina Matheson, Sgoil nan Loch; 2.Kyla Mackenzie, Sgoil nan Loch; 3.Aailiyah Macdonald, Sgoil an Rubha

Girls Solo Singing Aged 9-12 Fluent - 1.Mairi Maclennan, Sgoil nan Loch; 2.Elizabeth Mackenzie, Sgoil Lionail; 3.Anna Mactaggart, Sgoil an Rubha

Unison Singing (School Roll - 61 pupils or more) - 1.Sgoil Lionail; 2.Bun Sgoil an Rubha; 3.Sgoil a’ Bhac

Unison Singing (School Roll- 60 pupils or less) - 1.Sgoil Shiaboist; 2.Bun Sgoil na Pàirc; 3.Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit, Sgoil an Taobh Siar

Unison Singing Boys Primary - 1.Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Bun Sgoil an Rubha;

3.Laxdale Boys Choir

Accordion Age 13-18 Own Choice - 1.Stephen Drummond, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2.Craig Macleod, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Lauren Anne Maclean, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Accordion Under 13 Own Choice - 1.Donnchadh Shirkie, Sgoil Shiaboist; 2.Charlotte Barron, Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh; 3.Samantha Morrison, Sgoil an Taobh Siar

Melodeon Under 13 Own Choice - 1.Calum Maclennan, Sgoil a’ Bhac; 2.Donnchadh Shirkie, Sgoil Shiaboist; 3.Sarah Mackinnon, Bun Sgoil Lacasdail

Melodeon Age 13-18 Own Choice - 1.Annie Maclennan, Sgoil Shiaboist; 2.Isabelle Bain, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Catriona Bain, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Fiddle Under 13 Own Choice - 1.Kristen Macleod, Sgoil an Rubha; 2.Caitlin Mackenzie, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Alice Maclennan, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Fiddle 13-18 Own Choice - 1.Louisa Barron, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 2.Eilidh Macleod, Sgoil MhicNeacail; 3.Amy Hutchison, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Unison Singing Ages 13-18 or 2 part harmony - 1.Sgoil MhicNeacail

Puirt a Beul Singing Choral Ages 13-18 - 1.Sgoil Shiaboist; 2.Sgoil MhicNeacail S2; 3.Sgoil Lionail

Unison Rural (Secondary) - 1.Sgoil Lionail; 2.Sgoil Shiaboist

Ceilidh Group: Open Primary – 1Bun Sgoil Steornabhaigh; 2 Sgoil a’Bhac; 3 Bun Sgoil Shiaboist

Ceilidh Group: Open Secondary – 1 Faram 2; 2 Faram 1; 3 Sgoil Shiabost B

Aggregate Awards:

Duais BBC Alba (Primary Conversation):Uisdean Reid, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

The Machair Cup (Best actor or actress): Sine NicDhòmhnaill, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

Cupa Pròiseact nan Ealan (Primary Overall Literacy): Uisdean Reid, Bun Sgoil Bhreascleit

Duais Comunn na Gàidhlig (Secondary Overall Literacy): Rachel Ellen NicAoidh, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Cuach Togalach Leicester (School with Highest Literary Marks):Sgoil MhicNeacail

Duais Loch a’ Tuath (Most promising player in Melodeon competitions): Catriona Bain, Sgoil a’ Bhac

The Christina Macdonald Cup (Primary Folk Groups Highest Marks in Music): Sgoil Shiaboist

An Comunn Cuach: Daniel Macleòid, Sgoil a’ Bhac

The Erisort Cup: Sgoil a’ Bhac

Wallace T Short Memorial Prize: Oscar Fish, Sgoil an Rubha; Caitlin Macdonald, Sgoil a’ Bhac; Christina Matheson, Sgoil nan Loch; Mairi Maclennan, Sgoil nan Loch

Annie Mackenzie Memorial Prize: Caitlin Mackenzie, Sgoil MhicNeacail; Rosie Sullivan, Bun Sgoil Steòrnabhaigh; Anna NicAmhlaigh, Sgoil Shiaboist; Emily NicDhòmhnaill, Sgoil Shiaboist

Cuach Mod nan Eilean 1979: Mairi Maclennan, Sgoil nan Loch; Caitlin Mackenzie, Sgoil MhicNeacail

Niall Cheòis Memorial Cup: Steven Drummond

The John Macdonald Memorial Shield: Sgoil Lionail

Lewis and Harris Shield: Sgoil Lionail; Sgoil Shiaboist

The Royal Bank Trophy: Sgoil MhicNeacail