Moderator praises Queen’s Christian example

The Free Church of Scotland Moderator has praised the Queen’s Christian example to the UK as celebrations mark Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

Reverend Dr Iain D Campbell, minister at Point on the Isle of Lewis, said that Queen Elizabeth II had not been afraid to demonstrate Christian faith “in an increasingly changing and secular world”.

In a statement marking the special occasion, Dr Campbell said: “We in the Free Church of Scotland - ministers, elders, communicant members and adherents - join with the rest of the nation in congratulating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee.

“We have been greatly encouraged not only by Her Majesty’s leadership and example, but also by every public expression of Her Majesty’s Christian commitment, not least in the 2011 Christmas broadcast.

“We have been encouraged by Her Majesty’s speech to the Commonwealth in February this year, in which tribute was paid to the ‘particular mission of Christianity’, and the securing of freedom of religion through the establishment of the Christian Church.”

When the Free Church of Scotland was formed in 1843, one of the reasons was to clarify the Scriptural position on the relationship between the Church and the State.

The Free Church has always maintained that Jesus Christ is King of Kings - Lord over both Church and nation.

dr Campbell added: “God has placed the government of our nation in the hands of our Queen, and the government of our Church in the hands of its office-bearers.

“We have always regarded it as our duty to pray for the ruling powers, as powers that God himself has ordained.

“For that reason, it is a matter of great joy that God has granted to our present monarch such a long and peaceful reign, and afforded us, as a nation, the freedom to worship according to our conscience and the Word of God.

“We pray that God will uphold and bless the Queen, the Royal Family, and all her ministers of State, as we salute her example and Christian faith on this happy occasion.”