Moderator supporting Dementia Awareness Week

The Free Church of Scotland Moderator paid a visit this week to Solas, the day centre in Stornoway, as part of Dementia Awareness Week (18-24 June 2012).

Dr Campbell is a regular visitor at the centre, run by the local branch of Alzheimer Scotland, and conducts worship there each week.

He paid an official visit as Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, both to encourage the staff and meet the service users.

Dr Campbell said that many families were affected to one degree or another with dementia, and that such day centres and their volunteers played a vital role in communities.

He added that those who use such services benefit from regular social contact with others, and from the stimulus such contact brings, and that families could be sure that a high standard of care and provision was maintained in them.

“It is a privilege to pray, read the Word and sing with the users of the day centre,” he said, adding; “God is able to minister to the deep places of the mind and soul that seem to be lost even on friends and loved ones”.