Most popular baby names in the Western Isles for 2014

Traditional names are still top of the charts for new mums and dads during 2014.

Across Scotland the most popular boys’ name was Jack - which takes the top spot for the seventh year running.

The most popular girls’ name was Emily which knocked the popular Sophie off the top of the chart.

Here in the Western Isles the most popular boys’ name was Calum, with nine new babies being registered.

And the most popular girls’ name choice for islanders was Beth and Eilidh with three babies each registered in 2014.

Andrew, Angus, Archie and James complete the top five for boys locally, but as names used only once or twice are not recorded, the other top five girls’ selections for the region are unknown.

Nationally James was the second most popular boys’ name for the second year running, Lewis remained third and Oliver fourth. Logan (up one place to fifth), Daniel (down one place to sixth), Noah (up six places to seventh). Charlie (up one place to eighth), Lucas (down one place to ninth) and Alexander (down three places to tenth) make up the rest of the boys’ Top Ten.

Noah was the only new entrant to the boys’ Top Ten; Harry (down five places to fifteenth) was the only name to drop out of it.

Sophie was the second most popular girls’ name in Scotland, after being top for the previous nine years.

Olivia dropped from second to third, and Isla remained in fourth place. Jessica (up two places to fifth), Ava (which remained sixth), Amelia (up one place to seventh), Lucy (down three places to eighth), Lily (up two places to ninth), Ella (down one place to joint tenth) and Sophia (up three places to joint tenth) made up the rest of the girls’ Top Ten.

Lily and Sophia were the only new entrants to the girls’ Top Ten; Millie (down five places to fifteenth) was the only name to drop out of it.

National Records of Scotland registered the births of almost 26,900 boys and over 25,600 girls in the first 11 months of 2014. The top fifty boys’ first names accounted for 41 per cent of all those registered and the top fifty girls’ first names accounted for 39 per cent of the registrations.

Parents chose over 7,400 different first forenames for their children and almost 4,800 of these were unique (in the first 11 months of 2014).