Moves towards Stornoway High Church split

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A meeting was held between the Kirk Session and the congregation of Stornoway High Church last night (Wednesday) to discuss a recent vote which concluded the majority of adherents wished to leave the Church of Scotland.

The Church of Scotland said today that there will still be a Church of Scotland congregation in Stornoway High.

Principal Clerk for the Church of Scotland, the Rev John Chalmers said:

“We had a good and gracious meeting with the Kirk session and the congregation of Stornoway High. We did all we could to persuade them that they have a valuable place in the life of the Church of Scotland and now was not the time to leave. Indeed we are convinced that the congregation of Stornoway High has as much to give to the Church of Scotland as it has to receive. We are a broad church and our final word was to encourage people to remain with us. The Presbytery plan provides for three congregations in Stornoway and nothing has happened to persuade the Presbytery that there will not be a congregation of the Church of Scotland in Stornoway High.’