MSP calls for defibrillators in all police vehicles

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Highland and Islands MSP David Stewart is calling for Police Vehicles in the new Police Force for Scotland to be fitted with defibrillators

Currently within Scotland there are only 13 Police vehicles fitted with defibrillators. There are none in the Grampian Police or Northern Constabulary Force areas.

The majority are in Strathclyde where 10 vehicles have a defibrillator.The only other vehicles with the life-saving kit are in Central (2) and Fife.

In Grampian, 30 police officers are trained in the use of a defibrillator.

MrStewart said: “I have previously stated that I was surprised that an emergency service such as the Police do not carry defibrillators in their patrol vehicles. I would have thought that especially in rural areas, such as North West Scotland, the Northern or Western Isles,where the police are likely to be first on the scene of an incident where a defibrillator could be used, it would be advantageous. At a recent meeting with the Steven House, The Chief Constable Designate of the new Police Force of Scotland I raised this issue. He was warm to the idea and suggested communication and dialogue with NHS Boards, The Fire & Rescue Service of Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service, to ascertain if all concerned thought the carrying of defibrillators in all Emergency vehicles was the best way forward.

He continued: “ I understand that with the latest type of equipment you need very little training, however, if the Emergency services thought this was a positive move, staff could get the appropriate training built into their First Aid courses.”