MSP meets Wavegen over Siadar project

Western Isles MSP, Alasdair Allan, today (Thursday) visited Wavegen Ltd in Inverness, where he undertook to work with the Scottish Government and others to ensure that the Siadar Wavepower project becomes a reality.

Alasdair Allan, who has supported this proposed renewable energy project on the west coast of Lewis, commented:

“Today I got the chance not only to meet with Matthew Seed and others at Wavegen, but I was also given the opportunity to see some of the ground-breaking work which they are doing. I visited the wave-tank in Inverness where designs for the proposed Wave powered turbines at Siadar are being tested.

“I remain convinced that Siadar has a great deal to offer the marine renewables industry in Scotland and beyond, as it is clearly leading the way in this new technology. The task now is to ensure that the Siadar project gets the investment that it deserves, something which I believe would certainly command the support of the community of the west coast of Lewis.

“I undertook to continue to work both with the company and with the Scottish Government to help keep this project on track.”