MSP meets with NHS over Harris dental issue

Western Isles Alasdair Allan has met with the Chief Executive of NHS Western Isles, Gordon Jamieson, regarding the future of dental services in Harris. Dr Allan’s move follows uncertainty about both the appointment of a dentist and likely premises to be used in future.

Alasdair Allan commented: “I met with NHS Western Isles Chief Executive, Gordon Jamison, today, following concerns expressed about what the future holds for dental services in Harris.

“The previous premises, in the Old Hostel in Tarbert, are now no longer in use and, for the time being, services are operating from the former health clinic in Scalpay, making use of dental staff from the Stornoway dental centre.

“I stressed to the Health Board the strong feeling among my Harris constituents that clearer guarantees should be given regarding services in the longer term. Mr Jamieson undertook to clarify what NHS Western Isles had planned, including whether dedicated dentists would serve the island in future, and indicated that the Board were indeed looking at the options for a longer term base in Harris for dental services.

“As this is an issue that concerns a great many people in Harris, I intend to keep in touch with the board on this issue. Mr Jamieson also undertook to obtain a clearer indication of the waiting lists for those in Lewis trying to get a dentist, which, although definitely coming down since the opening of the new centre in Stornoway, are still standing around the 2,000 mark.”