MSP presents how Islands have benefitted from EU membership

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Western Isles MSP Alasdair Allan has set out what he sees as some of the extensive benefits which being part of the European Union has brought the Western Isles.

Mr Allan commented: “Speaking to people about the referendum, clearly many are put off by the debate in the media being dominated by the civil war within the Tory party.

“However, there is also an appreciation of the benefits of being in the single market.

“Traveling back and fore across these islands you realise that every community has a stake in the outcome of next Thursday’s referendum.

“Whether it’s the Scalpay Bridge, the causeways on Berneray, Eriskay and Vatersay, or the upgraded roads all over the islands, it is clear EU funding has made a crucial difference to the level of our infrastructure.

“The village of Rhenigidale in Harris would not have a road at all, were it not for EU funding.

“Payments from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy play an important role in sustaining crofters, while Freedom of Movement gives us the opportunity to live and work across the continent and provides ease of access for thousands of European tourists every year.

“Even things like the right to compensation for flight delays, something which people here have had to exercise too much of late, has been made possible through the EU.

“The EU is far from perfect and I would be the last to claim it was. There is still a great deal more in the way of reform that needs to be achieved.

“However, the isles have greatly benefitted from being a part of the EU and I would urge people to ensure it remains that way by voting “Remain” on 23rd June.”