MSP pushes for pilot graduated driving licence scheme

Highlands & Islands Labour MSP, David Stewart, has maintained pressure on the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland to implement a pilot graduated licence scheme for young or new drivers, which he is adamant would reduce the number of casualties on Scottish roads, give young or new drivers better skills, make roads safer and reduce the costs of dealing with fatal and serious road collisions amongst new drivers, whilst also saving the Scottish economy millions.

In a motion laid before Parliament, Mr Stewart points out that there is epidemiological evidence available in Scotland that shows that young drivers are more likely to be involved in a collision at night or when accompanied by similar aged passengers. He also identifies that between 2000 and 2007 the number of collisions involving young drivers remained unchanged whilst collisions amongst the older driver reduced by 19%.

Mr Stewart said “ I am convinced a graduated licence is the way forward, I even have the research to back this claim up. I am determined to make the roads safer, I want to work with the young or new driver in doing so and I am determined to make sure I can do all I can to persuade the Government that this is the way forward. To this end I would ask any such driver interested in working with me to contact our Co-ordinator Doug Mackenzie at or by telephone on 01463 716299”.

Anyone wishing further information or wishing to sign the on line petition relating to the above motion should access the site