MSP road safety campaigner gets Euro backing

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Highlands and Islands road safety Campaigner David Stewart MSP, was contacted by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) who became aware of the local campaign ‘Sensible Driving – Always Arriving’ that he set up and now runs in partnership with other local communities, businesses and organisations.

On Tuesday, October 2nd, David Stewart met Ellen Townsend, ETSC Executive Director, who gave him a briefing on the activities of the ETSC.

Most noteable from this briefing was the fact that 45 member organisations across Europe, support their work and have a pool of 200 experts to advise.

The biggest reduction in road deaths in Europe during 2011 was in Norway where there was a 20% reduction.

Unfortunately in Malta there was a 13% increase. The startling fact was that 140,000 young people were killed in Europe in road collisions since statistics began. Y

oung people represent 20% of the population of Europe, but account for 30% of road deaths.

Of the seven ETSC recommendations, one is the recommendation that a graduated licence scheme is introduced. This is one of the main aims of the ‘Sensible Driving – Always Arriving’ team.

David Stewart said: “I am delighted that this European body have recognised our efforts here up in the North of Scotland. It is interesting that we are both advocating the introduction of a graduated licence scheme and tragically we can see from the statistics that this issue is a very real issue of concern to us all across the EU.

“Our team are determined to keep campaigning to make our roads safer and I would ask anyone who wants to join us or who wants to know more about our campaign to contact us.”

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