MSP seeks rule change on Greylag Geese sale

WEstern Isles SNP MSP, Alasdair Allan, has welcomed the willingness of Scottish Natural Heritage to look at changing the rules around selling meat from greylag geese.

Dr Allan has a number of times raised with SNH the need for measures to control the numbers of greylag geese from the point of view of crofting and the wider environment.

Alasdair Allan commented: “I think it is open to question why the rules presently allow greylag geese - of which there are certainly plenty – to be shot, eaten, but not sold. We need to look at every option that would encourage numbers to be kept under control given the difficulties which this species are causing for crofters through the islands.

“I made this point recently to Scottish Natural Heritage, who have now indicated that they are willing to look at how licencing mechanisms might be used to allow the sale of carcases.

“I have had enquiries from one or two hotels in the islands who would be interested in putting goose on their menu, but the rules presently prevent this.

“No one can seriously suggest that greylag geese are endangered in the Western Isles, unlike several other bird species which depend on crofting to create habitat for them.

“SNH have indicated that a sale mechanism could be put in place for late summer, so I hope this will encourage interest from retailers nationally.”