MSP shares community ‘sense of anger’ over Lionel

Lionel Secondary will close in June.
Lionel Secondary will close in June.

Western Isles MSP Alasdair Allan says he shares the community’s ‘sense of anger’ at the Comhairle’s decision to close Lionel School’s secondary department.

He said: “As the local MSP I believe – and I have said this very publicly – that the council made the wrong decision about Lionel, and that the community of Ness will be the worse off for it.

“The SNP’s councillors all voted against closure, while most of the labour supporters on the council voted to close the school.

“The decision is legally one for the council alone, except in two very specific circumstances which the court of session has recently set out. Because of this, the Education Secretary has concluded that the Government does not have any power to become involved.

“I share the community’s sense of anger at what the Comhairle has done. I hope the people on the council who voted to close the school will be willing to explain their actions.”

The Scottish Ministers decided that the Comhairle had fulfilled their obligations in terms of the legislation on school closures and so no action will be taken to review the council’s decision.

Lionel Secondary will close in June and pupils will transfer to the Nicolson Institute from August.