MSP welcomes Barra Hospital progress

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Western Isles SNP MSP, Alasdair Allan, has welcomed further significant progress on the replacement of St Brendan’s hospital and care home in Barra.

NHS Western Isles have committed themselves publicly to a new hospital being in operation during 2015, with funding in place from the Scottish Government to make this possible.

Alasdair Allan MSP commented: “The Chairman of NHS Western Isles confirmed to a meeting of the Western Isles Carers, Users and Supporters Network on Friday that 2015 is the date they have committed to for the new hospital to be occupied by patients.

“The Scottish Government funding settlement to the health board has allowed £4 million to be allocated to this project. This is news that will be received in Barra, where the local community has been anxious to see the present completely unsuitable building renewed.

“The focus now moved to the Comhairle, who have decisions to make about what form they would like care home services on the island to take in the future. I know the Comhairle are giving active thought to this question just now. While a decision for them I think most would agree an ideal outcome would be one where the hospital, care home and GP’s surgery all occupied the same new building, since there is already the agreement that the hospital and the care home will share the same staff.”