Mum’s the word

A WOMAN in North Uist certainly has her hands full, recently becoming ‘Mum’ to 16 orphaned lambs.

Anna MacDonald, Balranald, was at one point looking after 18 youngsters which had been rejected by their mothers, but two lucky lambs were matched up with a ewe.

However, the 16 left behind keep Anna busy – it takes about a hour to feed them all lambs formula milk from the bottle. But with the help of local children, who make sure each lamb gets its fair share, the job is gets done.

The time required to nurture the motherless animals is the reason for Anna’s ‘adoption’ as the lambs came from local crofters who did not have time to feed the young on top of their other work.

The little lambs, a mix of different breeds from blackfaces and Cheviots to all-black Hebridean lambs, would have perished without help from the crofters, and now, from Mum Anna!