Nae Plans winter tour of musical improvisation

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An Lanntair is hosting an unpredictable evening of music from Glasgow duo Nae Plans.

The pair’s ‘daredevil approach to performing’ takes to the stage having no plans of the performance.

Pianist/vocalist Hamish Napier and fiddler Adam Sutherland are now embarking on a winter tour, and come to an Lanntair on Saturday, November 15th.

Hamish Napier, the duo’s pianist, said: “When I first came to Glasgow Adam was at RSC with my brother. I think I had my first jam session with him in 2000, so you could say we’ve been playing together for 14 years.

“The way the project came about was I was studying jazz piano in Boston. At the end of my time there Adam was asked to play at a fiddle camp out there and he needed someone to play piano with him at the tutors closing concert. We had nothing planned, but it was really well received and we got a standing ovation at the end.

“The audience was with us and we just found it created a real buzz and excitement. Then we thought lets make an album out of this.

“People enjoy the mistakes as much as they like it when it goes well.”

The album was hugely successful, getting a 5-star review in the Scotsman.

Hamish continued: “We went up to my grandmas house in the highlands, set up a little studio and pressed record.

“Out of about 6 hours of the material we recorded we took 45 minutes and made an album.

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