NATS withdraw their objection to Stornoway Wind Farm

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The national air traffic systems organisation (NATS) have announced that they are withdrawing their objection to Stornoway Wind Farm, following completion of further study work on possible interference from the wind farm with their Stornoway Radio Station at Sandwick.

The study was the result of sustained collaborative working between NATS and Lewis Wind Power, the developer of Stornoway Wind Farm, to find a solution.

As part of the undertakings for the construction and operation of Stornoway Wind Farm, Lewis Wind Power (LWP) looked at options for the possible relocation of the NATS facility from its current location at Sandwick to a new site at Tiumpan Head.

The announcement means that the proposed relocation no longer needs to go ahead and the public consultation event scheduled for Thursday 14th January at Aird Community Centre is cancelled.

Commenting on the announcement, Darren Cuming, project director for Lewis Wind Power said: “We are delighted that our collaborative work with NATS has resulted in a solution which enables the Stornoway Radio Station to continue its valuable operations without any relocation.

“Not only is this great news for the Stornoway Wind Farm, but also ensures that no additional facilities at Tiumpan Head will have to be constructed, which I am sure will be welcome news to the local community.”

Full details of the current proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm can be found at: website