New app is happy to crack the language barrier

The language barrier is now no longer an obstacle thanks to a new nifty app.
From left, Rhona McLeod, Nicola Sturgeon and Rohini Sharma Joshi of Trust.From left, Rhona McLeod, Nicola Sturgeon and Rohini Sharma Joshi of Trust.
From left, Rhona McLeod, Nicola Sturgeon and Rohini Sharma Joshi of Trust.

Happy to Translate, a national scheme which bridges communication gaps, has produced the app which offers a fast and effective way for organisations to communicate with customers who speak a different language.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled the new device which helps to identify a customer’s language and takes them through a series of simple steps and phrases in languages from the across the world.

The app also has the option to connect the organisation to their preferred interpretation supplier, providing a seamless communication and service delivery to customers whose first language is not English.

The mobile app, developed with funding from the National Lottery and Lintel Trust, is available to use by members of Happy to Translate, which is managed by Trust Housing Association.

“Happy to Translate has always been dynamic in its response to the needs of its members,” said Rhona McLeod, Chief Executive of Trust Housing Association.

“This latest move towards the use of technology was the obvious next step in the growth of the initiative and the mobile app will prove to be a successful addition to the existing portfolio of Happy to Translate tools.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “This is a new and innovative approach from Happy to Translate.

“I’m delighted to launch it and I look forward to hearing how the mobile app is helping service providers meet the needs of people who face a language barrier.”

Happy to Translate is a national initiative developed to promote equal access to services by overcoming language barriers.

As well as helping service users, it benefits organisations whose front line staff are trained to deal professionally with service users who are non-fluent English speakers.

It also strengthens relationships between organisations and communities they serve.

Bridging the gap

Happy to Translate is a unique and innovative national scheme which bridges communication gaps between organisations and service users who struggle to communicate in English.

It is an award-winning, not-for-profit initiative which uses an easily-recognised logo and specialist tools and training to help people to overcome communication barriers.