New BBC ALBA comedy follows hopefuls in run up to the Mod

Len and Flo outside the Excelsior Baile Ghobhainn B&B
Len and Flo outside the Excelsior Baile Ghobhainn B&B

A new one off comedy starring some of Scotland’s best talent follows six characters over two days in October as they set their sights on the

Royal National Mòd.

Produced for BBC ALBA, ‘Dà là san Dàmhair / Two days in October’ is an hour long comedy documentary written by top Gaelic comedy writers Seonag Monk and Calum Mackinnon and directed and produced by Michael Hines of The Woven Thread, who is reunited with his ‘Still Game’ star Greg Hemphill, along with an acclaimed cast giving great comedy performances.

Greg Hemphill, Tony Kearney, Mairi Morrison, Fiona Macleod, Calum Mackinnon and David Walker all star in this hour long observational comedy.

Greg Hemphill said: “I first played Elvis on BBC ALBA five years ago and am now delighted to be back on the channel.

“This was the first time Mike and I have worked together since Still Game, and it felt just like yesterday, great fun, brilliant script and a joy to shoot.”

The Mòd is synonymous with the Gaelic language and every October thousands of people from across the globe gather for this annual Gaelic cultural festival, which takes place in a different location each year.

‘Dà là  san Dàmhair / Two days in October’ tells the stories of six characters and their relationship with the event.

They’re on a journey - whether they’ll ever reach their destination is another matter entirely!

Meet Ishi (played by Fiona Macleod) a Gaelic singer with a difference, who hopes her flicks and tricks and garish costume will prove to be a winning combination as she plans to take the event by storm, with her very modern take on a traditional song.

She believes she has the Joy-Chelle factor - a mixture of Joy Dunlop and Michelle McManus - and wants to move onto the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

Torcuil (played by Tony Kearney) is a dedicated learner of the language and a fierce competitor.

By day he may be a humble computer call centre operator but by night he wants to save the Gaelic language. Torcuil believes he is more Gaelic than the Gaels and has a real problem with people claiming to be Gaels when in fact all they’ve done is gone to a Runrig concert.

He firmly believes this is his year to win the Gold Medal, after his 15th year of entering.

Lenny (played by Greg Hemphill) and Flo Roberts (played by Mairi Morrison) are husband and wife Bed & Breakfast owners who are busy running their business come Mòd time.

Lenny is a cockney former banker who hates the Scots and his job, as well as his wife Flo. Lenny left the rat race to run a B&B with Flo, however the long hours and dealing with a difficult public have taken their toll and he escapes into the world of true crimes whenever he can.

Flo is the Gaelic girl who yearns for children and fame, not necessarily in that order.

WD (played by Calum MacKinnon) is the wandering poet, constantly moved to poetry by the world around him. WD sees the Mòd as the place to capture a market hungry for his self-published poetry books.

And Neilleagan (played by David Walker) is an experienced adjudicator who awaits the call-up to the top job judging the premier singing competition at the event.

He is from the old school and is always seen in collar and tie. He has judged for years and now firmly believes that this year he will be picked to judge the Gold Medal, in his mind he is already ‘The Gold Medal Judge’.

‘Dà là  san Dàmhair / Two days in October’, produced by Michael Hines of The Woven Thread, a new TV production company specialising in comedy and drama, will be broadcast on BBC ALBA at 9.00pm on Thursday 10th October.