New board members for Uist community landlord

Elected board member Norman MacAskill
Elected board member Norman MacAskill

Three new board members have taken up their positions following the completion of the election process at the South Uist community landlord Storas Uibhist.

Members voted for nine nominated directors through a postal ballot, with turnout for the election at 70.8%.

Elected board member Angus Macmillan

Elected board member Angus Macmillan

The three directors elected to the board are: Norman MacAskill, Angus MacMillan and Duncan Aitken.

One of the successful candidates Norman MacAskill said: “Delighted to be elected and thank you to the community for putting their trust in me.

“I would hope to serve them to the best of my ability.

“My aim is to provide more stability to Stòras Uibhist and the Board of Directors.”

Another successful candidate Duncan Aitken said: “I am delighted that I have been elected to the board and wish to thank the community for their support.

“I look forward to working with my fellow Directors, the Chief Executive and Storas Staff.”

Finally, re-elected candidate Angus MacMillan said: “I wish to thank the members for their continued support in the election for directors.

“It was really heartening to see nine candidates standing and also the very high turnout of votes of over 70%.

“I think this reflects the ongoing interest that the membership and community have in Storas Uibhist.

“It is my intention that the community company will operate in a cohesive and positive manner and I look forward to delivering far reaching and ambitious projects in the years

to come.”

The full results of the election are:

Nominee Votes received

Norman MacAskill 285

Angus MacMillan 241

Duncan Aitken 222

Stephen MacAulay 211

Sarah MacEachen 205

Donald A MacInnes 202

Iain MacNeil 144

Andrew Walker 61

Christopher Panaro 18

Number of eligible voters – 823

Number of votes cast – 583

Turnout – 70.8%

Total number of votes found to be invalid – 0

A statement from Storas Uibhist said: “We wish to thank Kate MacDonald and Stephen MacAulay for their valued input to the Board over numerous years and hope they will continue

to be involved in our work in the community.

“We warmly welcome Norman MacAskill and Duncan Aitken to the SnBM Board and welcome back Angus MacMillan.

“We look forward to working together towards achieving our ambitious plans.

“We would also like to thank the unsuccessful nominees for showing their support for Sealladh na Beinne Mòire by choosing to stand for election.”

This year’s Annual General Meeting for Sealladh na Beinne Mòire will take place tonight (Thursday, July 12th at 7:30pm, at Stoneybridge Hall.

Letters of invitation containing pertinent documents have been sent out to all members of the board.

This includes a summary of the financial accounts of all the community landlord’s companies.

The full unabridged accounts are available to the public at all post offices.