New Chair for Storas Uibhist

Following the 2013 Stòras Uibhist AGM on June 27th, the Board of Directors has appointed a new Chairman and Vice-Chair.

John MacMillan, who was previously vice-Chairman and also Chairman of Lochboisdale Development Ltd., is the new Chairman of the community company, Sealladh na Beinne Mòire. Sarah MacEachan was also elected as vice-Chair of Sealladh na Beinne Mòire. John MacMillan and Sarah MacEachen have been directors of the community company since the buyout.

Neil Campbell and Kate MacDonald began their terms as Directors immediately following the close of the AGM and participated in the election of the new Chairman and Vice-Chair.

The seven Board members are now: John MacMillan, Sarah MacEachen, George MacAulay, Stephen MacAulay, Mary Schmoller, Neil Campbell and Kate MacDonald.

The Sealladh na Beinne Mòire Board also confirmed the co-option of five Directors to the subsidiary companies of South Uist Renewable Energy Ltd. and Lochboisdale Development Ltd. Peggy Campbell, Alan Graham and D J MacDonald were co-opted to South Uist Renewable Energy Ltd., whilst Peter Steele and Angus Campbell were co-opted to Lochboisdale Development Ltd.

At the AGM the company reported on the range of achievements over the past six years and the £13.5m of grant funding secured since the buyout for projects on the estate area. The projects include not only the windfarm at Loch Carnan and the port of entry regeneration at Lochboisdale, but tourism promotion, coastal protection, Ghàidhlig courses and goose management.

Stòras Uibhist also reported on the increased resources allocated to supporting crofting, both through Oifis Stòras and the gamekeeping staff.

The growth in the estate business, particularly the increased numbers of visiting fishermen and golfers, combined with the grant funding, has added over £2m to the local economy each year.