New construction company - UB Hebrides - to launch

A consortium of Highlands and Islands businessmen is set to establish a new construction company, based in the Western Isles.

UB Hebrides will negotiate to complete contracts that had previously been secured by the UBC Group, which went into administration earlier this month.

A spokesman for the consortium said: “We are setting up this new company to support the former directors of the UBC Group and to establish a company that will be firmly rooted in the Western Isles. UB Hebrides will provide long-term employment by creating jobs for island based tradesmen and will help to stabilise the islands’ economy.”

The former chief executive of the UBC Group, James Pedrana, said: “This is a good opportunity – and it’s significant that this group of businessmen has recognised that the staff of the former UBC Group has a lot to offer. Our aim is to get back to work, win contracts and create jobs.”

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