New Creation Group for the Island

Creation themed sky image.
Creation themed sky image.

A new Creation Science group for the Western Isles is just getting under way. It is forming in the wake of the film “Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels” that was shown last month in the Town Hall and in Tarbert.

The film has prompted renewed interest in the scientific debate about human origins: was it a result of purely natural processes or was it the result of an intelligent act of creation?

The new group, calling itself Creation Hebrides, has already planned monthly meetings up until Christmas. The first of these, entitled “Shocking Evidence for a Global Flood” will take place in Stornoway Primary this Friday at 7.30, and also at the Tarbert Community Centre on Thursday 8th. It will be a talk by retired science teacher Keith Rushworth, from South Lochs, who was the promoter of the film. He says the talk will cover “very basic evidence from Geology” that will be “accessible to all”. The “shocking” nature of the evidence, he says, is “just how strongly it points to a catastrophic global flood, which ties in with the account in Genesis.”

Leadership of the group has been taken on by Kevin Macdonald from Scalpay. He has been studying the creation/evolution debate for nearly ten years, starting before he became a Christian. Kevin says it was a major factor in his eventual conversion. He had many debates with evolutionists and says they never came up with firm evidence for their theory. He became convinced of creation because of “the number of times I heard the word ‘probably’ or ‘possibly’ instead of evidence from evolutionists.”

The group’s November meeting will feature a film that includes an interview with Professor Richard Dawkins. Professor Dawkins, Britain’s leading evolutionist, spoke at An Lanntair in the Autumn of 2012. In the film he refers to the possibility that life on Earth was created by aliens. Kevin says he “loves the interview, because it clearly shows that even evolutionists have to accept creation as one of their possibilities. They just want it to be a little green man rather than God!” The group already has a website at with further information about their meetings.