New delivery prices for Argos


Argos have announced lower delivery prices for customers ordering in-store in the Stornoway branch, bring it in line with the rest of the UK.

Previously customers were expected to pay £17.95 for small items and £48.95 for large items to be delivered to their home, significantly higher than shoppers on the mainland.

This caused outrage in January this year, when the first Argos store in the Western Isles opened, whilst the branch manager believed: “customers were happy to pay the £40,” additional cost.

But now those ordering items in store will pay the significantly lower price of £5.95 for a small delivery, and £8.95 for a large delivery with Woody’s are continuing to work with Argos as its delivery partner.

Marshall Priceman, Argos Area Manager for West Scotland, said: “We want to be able to offer the best service possible to our customers on the island and we have spent a lot of time over the last few months listening to and reviewing the extensive customer feedback on our delivery system.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer local customers a new pricing tariff for deliveries which is in line with the rest of the UK.”

However home delivery service are still not available on online orders for customers on the Isle of Lewis.

A spokesperson commented: “Unfortunately our systems do not currently support online orders for home delivery on the Isle of Lewis and this is something we are reviewing. However, customers still have full access to the full online product range using the Check & Reserve service to collect their item from the Stornoway store.”