New DIY series offers viewers some handy hints

Donnie 'Dotaman' MacLeod turns his hand to DIY in the new BBC ALBA series
Donnie 'Dotaman' MacLeod turns his hand to DIY in the new BBC ALBA series

Much-loved Gaelic TV personality Donnie ‘Dotaman’ MacLeod shows that there’s another string to his guitar: DIY!

In this must-see new series on BBC ALBA ‘DIY le Donnie’ we follow Donnie as he undertakes a couple of major real-life projects in his own home, as well giving us numerous hints, tips and knacks for all levels of DIY.

Donnie also takes us to see what’s available in the market for the prospective DIYer, looking at everything from the tools you’ll need, to flooring and fireplaces.

And Donnie gets stuck in from the start, pulling apart a kitchen in the granny flat of his mainland home.

Although the room is stripped bare, as many parts as possible of the old kitchen are kept in order to show that a revamp like this needn’t cost a lot.

We see how he plumbs for a sink and washing machine, arranges and levels the units, tiles, lays a new floor, and much, much more!

Moving into the living room, saving money through insulation is the order of the day!

With the cost of fuel rising, Donnie’s plan is to make the space as cosy and easy to heat as possible. So it’s out with the old fire and radiators, and in with new efficient ones.

The floor’s lifted, insulation laid, and he even builds a new wall and doors to help keep the heat in.

‘DIY le Donnie’ is sure to be a great inspiration for anyone planning a project in their own home.

Whatever your level of DIY expertise it’s sure to have you reaching for your toolbox!

Produced by BBC Gàidhlig, DIY le Donnie will commence on Thursday 9th January at 9pm and each consecutive Thursday thereafter.