New jobs for Stornoway TalkTalk

A further 13 full time jobs are to be created at Stornoway’s TalkTalk centre bringing the total employed on the site to 98.

The company are looking to take on staff in their Bereavement Services and Billed after Cease Departments which will bring the site to capacity.

Jemma MacVicar, Manager of the Departments said they would be looking to recruit staff in time for a start date of July 30.

“Billed After Cease and Bereavement Services handle calls from both customers who have been billed incorrectly and from callers calling to report the passing of an account holder,” she said.

“This is a relatively new department for TalkTalk and has been set up to improve on our customer experience. Both of these types of calls need to be handled with empathy and ensuring the proper process is adhered to in order to prevent any complaints.  Over our years with TalkTalk, Stornoway has built a reputation for putting the customer first and that has served us well in securing this new work stream which will allow us to offer more jobs locally.”

She explained that the site currently employs 85 staff and with the new additions it will be close to capacity for the newly refurbished building.

She added: “We are also offering more progression within the business on site by having differing agent roles, our staff can now see a long term future with their career at TalkTalk which no longer involves moving off the island.  The investment TalkTalk has made in Stornoway has been welcomed by our current staff as it offers them further career opportunities and job security.”

Those looking for further infomation can contact Jemma at