New online resource for working in Gaelic media

A new online resource aimed at youngsters between 15-20 years with a keen interest in working in the media, specifically Gaelic media, have been launched this week by MG ALBA, the Gaelic Media Service.

The information will provide invaluable advice for enthusiastic youngsters to develop and enhance their skills in the Gaelic media industry be it as a hobby or a possible career choice.

As well as providing resources on career possibilities, study courses and work experience opportunities, they will be able to learn how some familiar faces in the sector got to where they are now.

Speaking on behalf of MG ALBA, Mary Ann MacInnes said: “We thought it would be great for youngsters to have an almost one-stop-shop of resources offering advice on getting into the media, as well as for those who simply wanted to develop their media skills.

“Our new web pages will present all the information they need in a user-friendly and interactive manner.”

Renowned director of ‘Still Game’ and BBC ALBA comedy ‘Dà Là san Dàmhair’, Michael Hines gave his support to the site.

Michael said: “I am happy to help with anything that encourages participation and training for all ages.

“With information on production companies such as my own who produce programmes for BBC ALBA, there are more opportunities than ever before out there and I think these pages will give young people a fantastic set of tools and information on where to start”.

With careers advice and links to My World of Work, amongst others, the website re-directs people to already existing and helpful websites rather than creating a lot of content.

Peigi Ann Scott (S6) from the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway said: “This is a great resource. We are very fortunate to have such a useful website, where we can find information on various future career paths and how to progress in our chosen vocation.

“The website is very attractive and I found it useful that there were links to other websites. I would highly recommend it to everyone.”