New speed restrictions to be considered for Lewis

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Councillors in the Western isles will this week consider an extension to the 30mph speed limit on parts of the A857 to include the Gleann Dubh development and a stretch of main the main road beyond the Gleann Dubh turning to beyond the water works.

The proposal is made in a a report before the Comhairtle’s Transportation and Infrastructure committee meeting this week, which states that the area has seen ‘significant increases in the number of domestic houses and businesses in the area, and ‘the current speed limit is no longer considered appropriate’.

In March 2017 the Comhairle agreed to promote a traffic order extending the existing speed limit by 200m. But, during the consultation process an objection was received, which delayed implementation of the Order.

The Comahirle’s report confirms that ‘there have also been further developments since the Comhairle decision in March 2017, in that there are proposals to build a further housing scheme of seventy four units in this area, with the access entering the A857 adjacent to the point of the proposed speed limit extension’.

Following advice from Police Scotland, an earlier proposal for a 40mph zone leading in to the 30mph area, has been dropped in favour of the proposal that the entire section of the road be limited to a maximum speed of 30mph.