New Taransay owners delighted to buy ‘magical’ island

NEW owners of Taransay, Adam and Cathra Kelliher, say they were ‘deeply humbled’ to hear they had been successful in purchasing the island.

In a statement they said: “We learnt about the sale through the press on Wednesday 1st June and, after contacting the agent, CKD Galbraith, knew that we had to act quickly due to the high level of interest. We were deeply humbled when we learnt, on the evening of Tuesday 7 June, that our offer had been accepted, despite a strong competing bid from another private buyer. We do not use the word ‘humbled’ lightly. We are fully aware of what a privilege and a responsibility it is to own this most beautiful and unspoilt of islands.”

They added: “Cathra’s father fell in love with the Isle of Harris after a walking holiday there when he was 17 and Cathra has been travelling to Harris since she was a child. In 1985 Cathra’s father, David Horrobin, bought the Harris property, Borve Lodge, which looks out on Taransay. We have been visiting Harris together since we were engaged in 1991 and bought Borve Lodge in our own right, a few years after David died, in 2008. We visit Taransay often and know it well.

In addition, our pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Equateq which employs 35 people and is expanding, is based at Breasclete on Lewis. This means that our interests on Harris and Lewis extend beyond our love of our home at Borve.

“As a family, we are deeply attached to the Western Isles and to South Harris in particular. Over the years we have enjoyed and felt honoured by the kindness and friendship shown to us by the community on Harris and have spent longer and longer periods there with our children as they have grown. We have no immediate plans for Taransay beyond maintaining the status quo. We will be working closely with the Mackay family, who we know as neighbours and with whom we enjoy an excellent relationship, with respect to the island’s management.

“We look forward to many happy years as care-takers of this magical island and hope that those who have been used to visiting Taransay in the past will feel they can continue to do so.”