New Tolsta register crofts as a community

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The township of New Tolsta made a little bit of history last week by being the first village in the Western Isles to present maps and application forms to the Crofting Commission to enable all the crofts in the community to be registered by the Registrar of Scotland.

Murdo Maciver, Area Assessor, commented: “I was delighted to co-ordinate this project for the people of New Tolsta as I believe it will remove what could become a very onerous burden for future generations.”

Murdo Maclennan, Crofting Commissioner for the Western Isles, stated: “I was pleased to meet with the Crofters on New Tolsta as they completed their individual croft registration forms.

“This village is the first in the Western Isles dealing with the applications as a crofting community thereby helping each other and simplifying the process which may appear daunting.

“Crofting Commission staff are available to advise individual Crofters with the process and New Tolsta have demonstrated the advantages of working together.

“I hope other crofting townships will follow this example which is ultimately to the individual Crofters advantage.”