New vegetable box scheme in Harris

The market garden now has fresh vegetables on offer.
The market garden now has fresh vegetables on offer.

A new market garden has been developed in addition to the pre-existing walled circular garden at Borve Lodge Estate in West Harris. The market garden is offering a new ‘box scheme’ to local customers. A variety of sizes of boxes are available containing a selection of seasonal vegetables and salad with the option to commit to a regular order if desired.

The benefits of vegetables are well known to assist health as they are packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants and we all know we are encouraged to eat our ‘5 a day’. A parcel of vegetables grown on our own fertile soils are packed full of flavour and vitality represent value for money and can be enjoyed and appreciated guilt free knowing they are doing us good and have not travelled far to reach our dinner plates. The flavour is unmatched as it is delivered the day it is picked or harvested and tastes like vegetables used to in bygone days before farming intensified.

In many parts of the world where healthy weight and lifestyles are more the norm, complex carbohydrates, pulses and vegetables form the bulk of the diet and there are many recipes that can be attempted from traditions here and around the world to create a veritable treat to enjoy. Why not try the recipe below that transforms the humble swede (or turnip) and some potatoes and onions into a rustic Spanish soup packed full of flavour?


What sort of vegetables are in the box?

It is our aim to include as wide a variety of produce as possible so at the moment the following are available: new potatoes, carrots, peas, broad beans, cabbages, kale, swede or turnip, lettuce, some tomatoes and cucumbers and courgettes, herbs, beetroot, fennel and celery, onions, spring onions, leeks. spinach and parsnips.

What is the cost of a box?

A large box is £20 and would suit a family and would contain approximately ten different items and proportions appropriate to feed a family, a regular box is £12 and would suit a couple of people and a small ‘pick and mix’ box is available for £6 which is ideally suited for a single person who would prefer a variety over quantity. The boxes are made up to a minimum of the value stated according to our price list and will occasionally include an additional surprise item to stretch your palate and imagination!

What if I dislike some vegetables or I grow some of my own?

A list is kept of vegetables that customers do not wish to receive or of produce that they prefer. Whilst it is desirable to make up boxes with as wide a variety as possible, individual tastes and preferences can be taken into account to ensure you are satisfied with your box.

How long will the box scheme be available?

Until the produce is used up! However there are crops maturing for use in the winter months and it is hoped that availability will continue at least until November and hopefully well beyond then. This is a new venture in Harris although this type of scheme has been running for years on the mainland. The price of boxes will be adjusted down as availability diminishes into the winter but the scheme will resume next season, probably from about June.

Must I commit or can I take a box when I choose?

There is no obligation to commit. For some customers it is preferable to know they have a box every week and some others prefer a less frequent order or just the occasional box. The idea is to be as flexible as possible and make vegetables available to all those who would like to receive them, however frequently or otherwise that may be.

What about delivery?

At the moment there is no delivery but there is a collection point in Tarbert and one in Leverburgh. Alternatively, boxes can be collected from the gate at Borve Lodge. It is usually possible to come to some arrangement that suits and delivery may be something that develops in the future.

To order a vegetable box, please call Fiona on 07899 831655 to leave your contact details and your order.